Geotechnology and Remote Sensing solutions using Drones and UAV

GeoDrones is a Engineering and Cartography company, specialized in geotechnology and solutions in air mapping with Drones and UAV. With a large diversity of aircraft, from small rotating wings to large fixed wings, besides a great variety of sensors, RGB, NDVI and Thermal, GeoDrones operates in numerous segments using Drones, such as engineering, agriculture, mining, environment and mapping with specific purposes for special conditions. GeoDrones technical staff is highly skilled and experienced in remote sensing with drones, digital image processing from drone sensors, digital mapping and monitoring and inspection for engineering purposes and environment. GeoDrones is accredited to CREA, and acts professionally and with great responsibility in all the activities that it executes.

Solutions in Image Processing obtained by Drones and Specialized Cartographic Production

Air mapping with Drones and UAV demands a large capacity on data processing by companies operating in the segment; In addition to specialized software and high-performance computers, GeoDrones has experienced professionals in digital image processing, resulting not only in processing power, but in qualitative production of Raster data. Within the process of generating digital cartography through remote sensing with Drones, the processing of the images is part of a whole; that is why GeoDrones has in its staff experienced professionals in cartographic restitution, graphic edition of vector data and geographic data publishing. The GeoDrones team acts internally or on-demand for clients who need to produce cartographic bases or process images with a high technical level and with the support of the Technical Responsibility Note registry in CREA.

Team Mobilization for Air Mapping and Topography for Infrastructure and Mining Works Solutions

The increasing demand for faster and more efficient methods of topographic updating, the use of remote sensing with drones for topographic updating and monitoring works is a reality. GeoDrones has been active in this market for years and is a pioneer in providing complete teams to perform all stages of the work, from aerial captures, ground support topography, image processing and cartographic product generation. All this process carried out within the reality and necessity of each enterprise, acting with security, responsibility and high technical criteria during the execution of the services. An example of constant mobilization is the topographic updating of mines, performed constantly by GeoDrones teams for different mining and infrastructure customers.

Development, Robotics and Removable Sensors Solutions

The experience in remote sensing with Drones and it’s use for other purposes, such as cargo transportation and hoisting of guidewires for electric lines Installation, means that GeoDrones acts not only in the provision of services, but in the development of new solutions and technologies that can optimize various processes. GeoDrones has their own Robotics and Software engineering team, which added to design consultants allows products to be developed for specific demands, such as loading differentiated sensors with own inertial system, articulated arms to transport objects, collector boxes and other gadgets that turn fixed and rotating wing drones into powerful multipurpose tools.

Aerial Mapping Courses and Training with VANTs

GeoDrones courses and training are solid and has market recognition. The experience gained in practice and years of service provision, made the GeoDrones staff one of the best in Brazil to provide training and specific courses in areas involving the use of drones for technical purposes. The training courses can be done at GeoDrones offices or at a specific location, especially for large companies, educational institutions and research.

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